Chakra Needs: A 7-Week Program

Make decisions with ease and confidence.

It’s time to choose what’s next, where you’re going, and what your true purpose is here in this life.

The Chakra Needs Program is a 7-week journey into a deeper knowing of yourself, your needs, your values and how this knowledge is your built in GPS system to bring you closer to the life that you want and that you deserve.

You are so ready!
Ready to take a leap of faith!


You need to know that you’re doing the right thing.
That it’s not a mistake.
That you won’t waste time, resources and energy working towards something that in the end you don’t really want.
You think you want it, but there are so many competing voices in your mind!
So many different angles of advice to listen to!
And so many other possibilities to choose from!

You need a map.

In Chakra Needs we take a close look at what you need, and what you value most. Knowing this about yourself, helps clear the path towards the life that YOU are meant to live.

Together, we will charge up your inner GPS
and begin guiding you towards the bright and shiny life that awaits you.

Register for the September 2017 Chakra Needs 7-Week Program for only $549!

Knowing your highest need (and it’s driving need) you will discover the confidence to…

  • take your first yoga teacher training!

  • move to a new country!

  • quit your day job!

  • open your own wellness center!

  • sign up for ayurvedic school!

  • go on retreat in Peru!

  • become a Life Coach!

  • study massage therapy!

  • sell your home!

  • buy a home!

  • take your next yoga teacher training!

  • become an entrepreneur!

  • start an online business!

  • offer a workshop!

  • speak publically!

  • travel the world for 6 months!

  • start a family!

  • become a beach bum!

  • run your first marathon!

How It Works

This program is done entirely online.

This allows us to connect with people from around the world! It also means you can show up in your PJ’s or catch us on the go from your phone. Missed a session (or 3)? No sweat, they will be recorded and you can watch when it makes the most sense for YOUR schedule.

We will meet once a week on Friday at 10am EST for a live call.

Here we will work through one Chakra Need at a time, and see how it applies to our own lives. Also, live on the call you can ask questions, discuss what we have discovered, and if you need support from me, get on the spot one-on-one coaching!


Additionally, each week on your own time, watch the featured Yoga Teacher and I in conversation about that weeks Chakra Need. Receive their mentorship and guidance too! Check out the line up below…

Facebook Group

You will have access to a private Facebook Group (where you can interact with these mentors!) Use the group to share with one another, contribute your own findings and discoveries, and support one another with lots of love and cheerleading!

Amanda Chicoine
Barrie Risman
Melanie Richards
Jenny Berthiaume
Gen Larocque
Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow

And special guest,

Elena Brower

This program is for you if you are…

  • considering taking a yoga teacher training
  • debating becoming a life coach
  • unhappy in your current job and craving a change
  • dreaming of something more, something better but don’t know where to start
  • convinced your time on this Earth is meant for you to make it a better place
  • excited to take a leap of faith
  • worried about making the right choice
  • ready to play full out in your life!!!

This program is NOT for you if…

  • you’re perfectly ok with playing small (really?  are you sure about that?)
  • you’re absolutely certain that you don’t deserve what you desire most deeply (oh honey….  but you DO)
  • you want to let life happen to you, instead of you happening to it (how will you ever get anywhere interesting?)
  • you LOVE to wallow in the misery that is your life (I can respect that.  But we don’t have any room for it over here!)

What others have to say…

Christine was the catalyst to inspire me to take the necessary actions to pursue my dreams. She was the gentle push I needed to help me discover my passions and make me aware of repetitive thought patterns holding me back from taking control of my life.

– Monique Malais

Christine opened my eyes to things I was not seeing about myself, and gently pushed me to face my fears and to overcome my inner barriers. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support, encouragement and the push they need to make a big transition in their lives!

– Marcia Moraes

I went from feeling lost and lacking direction & confidence, to taking responsibility and making real change in my life. It was incredibly fast too. I went from being an overwhelmed unemployed volunteer to teaching 3-4 yoga classes per week in about 6 weeks time. I am so excited about where my life is at now!

– Claire Gaudreau

I have a clearer sense of where I am heading in my life.  Since our time in coaching together, I am more connected to my goals and feel more confident about achieving them.

– Anna Teeple

Register for the September 2017 Chakra Needs 7-Week Program for $549!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Chakra Needs is a 7 week journey into a deeper knowing of yourself, your needs, and your values. Through this deep knowing, you can begin to make choices for your future with ease and confidence.
The program is offered online via live weekly group calls. These calls are recorded in case you can’t always make it – no sweat the replay will always be available. Additionally, the program includes 7 recorded conversations with Yoga Teachers you know and love, and a private FB Group for us to all share our revelations with one another.
The next Chakra Needs 7-Week Program begins on September 15th 2017. Live calls are on Fridays from 10am-12pm EST . (can’t make that time? Don’t worry you can catch the replay and stay connected and in the flow with us, in the FB group!)
This journey is for you if you are dreaming of a bigger, brighter, more purposeful life. It’s for the sensitive soul, the curious, the dreamer. For anyone who is desiring making changes either to their career, their lifestyle, or their relationships. For those among us who feel the fear and are ready to do it anyway! For those who need a sign that the choices they are making are the right ones for them.
No worries! Chakra Needs is held entirely online via live video calls. If you cannot attend the live calls you can listen to the recordings which will be made available within a couple of days of the live sessions.
Have you ever used skype? Or something like that? It’s much like that! I use a system called Zoom, an easy platform where all you’ll have to do is click a link from your computer or phone. We are all on the call with video and audio (both of which you can turn off if you’re not comfortable, or there’s a lot of noise where you are). It’s like being a room all together! I have the capacity to share my screen with you, and you can use the message box to ask me questions, and at any time you can speak live with me and receive one-on-one coaching on the spot!
Chakra Needs is held entirely online with live video calls, recorded videos, and the private FB Group. I chose to keep it all online for a few reasons. First, it’s so much easier for us all to manage our time if we aren’t travelling to and from a specific location. Time and location freedom anyone?? Me! Meee! But also, it helps us all connect with one another no matter where in the world we are!
You may not be considering a specific choice right now, but if you’re reading this, you’re likely ready for a change of some sort anyway. If you’re feeling like there is something more, something else, or something exciting on the horizon – you’re in the right place. Some people will come to this program to help them decide exactly what they are ready to do next in their lives. Others will simply be looking for some clarity on what’s out there and what’s important to them in their own lives.
Payment of $549 CAD plus sales taxes (total $631.21 CAD) is made through secure checkout on my site. Use your PayPal, or guest PayPal account to pay via PayPal balance, Credit Card, or bank card.

I know that sum might be hard to scare up all in one shot. So I’ve created a payment plan for you so that you can sign up today, and pay the balance later 🙂

Use this same method mentioned above to make three payments of $200 CAD plus sales taxes ($229.95 CAD with the taxes). See this option upon checkout.

How do I sign up for Chakra Needs?

  • Register below for $549 (You will receive a confirmation email)
  • Log in – all the information you need is right here!
  • Complete the Service Agreement

Welcome to Chakra Needs!