Without fail, each and every one of my coaching clients has asked me at some point during our sessions “How do I know I’m making the right choice? How do I choose? What should I do???” Ultimately, what I’ve learned is that when we don’t truly understand ourselves, our needs, how they are being met, and how meeting them will give us the most joy, fulfillment and purpose, we get stuck in indecision.
Your chakras are the gateway to learning more about yourself and therefore, making decisions with ease and confidence.

The Chakras house our Human Needs. The needs of our ego and the needs of our spirit. Understanding this within ourselves and all beings allows to feel deeper compassion and acceptance. We all have these needs; they are what make us so beautifully human. To deny ourselves the fulfillment of the needs of our egos, hinders our ability to meet the needs of our spirit. We do not exist as fragmented parts, but instead as whole, and complex beings.

By using the Chakra Needs technique in our coaching sessions, I have helped people quit jobs, move to a different country, and curb anxieties around enjoying the life they were already living with purpose and joy.

I’ve also used this technique to help me invest thousands of dollars into my personal and professional development, sell my home and move into a bigger more expensive place, quit drinking alcohol, and recommit to my relationship over and over again.

I can make these big decisions because I know who I am, what I need, and how to know when a choice before me will meet my needs and values or not.

In this free program you will receive one e-mail from me for 7 days:

  • Muladhara

    The need for Certainty, stability and security

  • Svadhisthana

    The need for Variety, change and stimulation

  • Manipura

    The need for Significance, to feel special and worthy of attention

  • Anahata

    The need of Love and Connection, to love and be loved

  • Vishuddha

    The need to Grow and Expand

  • Ajna

    The need to Contribute, to give beyond ourselves

  • Sahasrara

    The need to feel a Connection to Divinity, within ourselves, and within all of creation

Over the 7 days I will show you the:
  • Definition each of these Chakra Needs
  • Physical location in the body
  • Colour of the energetic center
  • Associated element
  • Association to different parts of our identity
  • Tools to re-balance
  • Yoga postures that I have selected to help you connect more deeply with this Chakras Needs and let its energy flow more freely

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