Chakra Needs

Chakra Needs Free 7-Day Program

Your chakras are the gateway to learning more about yourself and therefore, making decisions with ease and confidence.

In this free program you will receive one e-mail from me for 7 days.

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Chakra Needs 7-Week Group Program – Starts January 19th!

The Chakra Needs Program is a 7-week journey into a deeper knowing of yourself, your needs, your values and how this knowledge is your built in GPS system to bring you closer to the life that you want and that you deserve.

Charge up your inner GPS and begin guiding you towards the bright and shiny life that awaits you.

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Chakra Needs Yoga Video Series

These yoga videos are the physical practice that connects the Chakra Needs work into our bodies.

All 7 yoga practices are accessible for yogis at all levels – from beginner to experienced, I hope you will enjoy connecting with your Chakras and finding more balance inside of yourself.

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Essential Chakra Needs Oils

To deepen your work with the Chakra Needs, I have hand selected 7 essential oils to support your inner journey.

Muladhara: Balance
Svadhisthana: Passion
Manipura: Smart & Sassy
Anahata: Forgive
Vishuddha: Easy Air
Ajna: Sandalwood
Sahasrara: Frankincense

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