I have spent years connecting with sisters in circle. The journey has been deep and powerful in ways I can’t explain. So instead I’d love to share the experience with you!

With my guidance, we will create a safe space for women to share and support one another through sisterhood. Here I will hold the container of your time together, and provide an experience that will change you on a deep and soulful level.

Circles are a space to share and receive the support of our sisters, and one-on-one coaching from me.

During this journey we will learn:

– How to use the four phases of our monthly menstrual cycles to navigate our lives with ease and grace
– How to share vulnerably and authentically with other women
– How to ASK for what we need from our sisters
– How to RECEIVE their support, wisdom, love, compassion, and pure acceptance
– How to GIVE support to women, with respect, compassion, acceptance of where they are in the moment, and in trusting her own inner guidance system to support her

By the end of the 8 weeks we will:

– Build bonds with women in ways we have never known before
– Begin to trust our own inner wisdom and guidance system
– Trust our sisters to have our back and always look out for us
– Find unconditional love and compassion with women we may have never even met before!

Watch this to learn more about the program and get the answers to frequently asked questions:

Webinar, Harnessing your Feminine Power through your Menstrual Cycle

Sign up today! We begin on May 3rd 2018

What Sisters have to say about Circles with Christine


“I had reservations about joining Sister Circles because the concept was so foreign to me. I have many sisters, hence I did not want to have the same power dynamics and struggles. Also, I did not want be forced to share and open up prematurely to strangers. I was concerned that it might become an intervention session, become invasive, or simply unsafe.

Christine is fiercely loving, shamelessly honest, and graceful in her guidance. She inspired me to be unapologetic about all my states of being. I was allowed and encouraged to express what I needed to the other sisters as she held the space. There was no support given that was not asked for! The respect and awareness of one another was surprising and it gave me such relief to be heard and understood in my request for support.

Since being in Sister Circles, I experience less aversion towards my changing moods and see how they do not reflect badly on me. This is all a cycle and my moods are part of that cycle. My worries and concerns? They come and go.” – Nuha Hussein Abdelhamid

“I am very shy and usually confide only in people I trust. What I loved about Sister Circles was that we were all able to share our darker sides without judgment!

Since Sister Circles with Christine I see how sharing helps me not only gain perspective but also to release my emotions and to feel better. I gained a deeper connection with other women, more love and compassion for my ebbs and flows, and the courage to be vulnerable more often.
I had an amazing experience and I learned so much from it, not only about my menstrual cycle, but about myself and my interactions with other women.

Christine shares a lot of her knowledge, wisdom, compassion, and humour in Sisters Circles. Her experience is very beneficial to all Sisters!” – Lyana Huynh

“Christine Guenette is the queen of sister circles. I feel so fortunate to have had the privilege to be in circle with her for over a year. I didn’t know what to expect from a sister circle, and Christine made me feel right at home from our first circle together. She shows up week after week with openness, love, and authenticity. Her genuine energy helped me to feel more at home with her, and the other women in our circle than I ever have before, even with women I have known for years. A circle provides a safe place to land, a place to be accepted exactly as you are, a place to show up and be supported through the inevitable ups and downs of life. This experience was life changing, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you Christine for being such a natural leader and bringing so much love and light to our circles. If you are thinking of signing up for a sister circle with Christine, I encourage you to trust the process and go for it! You will be in good care. 🙂 ” – Ambar Gingerelli

“I had never been in a Sister Circle before and didn’t know what to expect. I was definitely feeling nervous the first time I joined. Christine helped me feel immediately grounded and safe. With her own beautifully sovereign energy she welcomed and guided me and the other new sisters, helping us feel comfortable right away. Christine is a skilled and compassionate leader who is awesome at facilitating powerful circles through which we as women can develop strong and healthy relationships that allow us to grow and be the absolute best versions of ourselves in the world. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, in business and personally, I highly recommend you join one of Christine’s Sister Circles!” – Angelle Batten

“Before I experienced a true Sister Circle I had no idea what to expect and frankly I was nervous. Christine instantly made me feel comfortable and that was a huge relief. The thing that makes sister circles so unique is that you can share what is going on with you, what is holding you back, what you want to celebrate, or how you desire support. All of these pieces help you grow. For it to work, you need a true leader showing you the way and Christine is just that. She is a loving, compassionate, honest, giving leader and she will help you get comfortable sharing very quickly, which will help you grow even quicker.” – Shauna Lay

How It Works

Weekly Circles

We will meet weekly on Thursdays from 7-9pm EST, on Zoom. Connect easily from your computer or phone, with audio and video. Here we study one menstrual phase each week, and sit in circle with one another, building strong sisterhood bonds with one another

Guest Mentors

Each week watch a recorded video interview with a special guest mentor. Each guest mentor speaks on their own experiences with connecting with their menstrual rhythyms and the power that sisterhood has had for them. Check out the lineup below!

A Private Facebook Group

Join the Facebook Group (where you can interact with these mentors!) Use the group to share with one another, contribute your own findings and discoveries, and support one another with lots of love and cheerleading! Enjoy sisterhood 24/7!

Next 8-Week Sister Circle begins May 3rd 2018 – Sign up today!

Jenny Tosner, Medicine Whisperer & Warrior Storyteller

Aimee Eioff, Intuitive, Teacher, Writer & Speaker

Shauna Lay, Master Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

Ambar Gingerelli, with the Blog Mama Bird Well Nest

Nicole Jardim, Women’s Health Coach & Period Fixer

Kassandra Kernisan, Naturopath & Yoga Instructor

Kelley Cooper, Life Coach & Founder of A Woman’s Journey

Jeannine Yoder, Founder of Mentor Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

Sister Circle is the term for a group of women to come together. It’s much like sitting around the camp fire together, sharing stories and feelings. While one Sister speaks, we all listen, without interruption. We hold each sister during her share, without intervention. In Sister Circle, we see each of us as completely Soveriegn – in other words we trust that she’s got her shit together, even if she is feeling emotional and messy right now!

As an added sweetness to this safe space to share openly, we then ask our sisters how we would like to receive support. It’s a new way of being in sisterhood! Typically in our lives, once we share what’s on our minds and in our hearts, our sisters (who love us and are only trying to help) offer us advice, or solidarity through matching our negative energy. Often, what we receive isn’t exactly what we desired! We may get advice, we didn’t need or want, or we get caught in the negativity loop, when what we needed was a change in perspective.

In Sister Circle we empower ourselves and our sisters by learning how to get clear on how we can best receive the support and love from each other.

In Circle we flex our asking muscle! There are many different ways we can ask for support from our sisters which can include but are not limited to:

– Advice
– Resources
– To know that we are not alone (“tell me your stories that are similar”)
– Reflections (“do you see something here, that I’m not?”)
– To be witnessed and heard only (“I don’t want any advice or feedback right now”)

Yep, 4!!!

Every month women move through 4 distinct phases as their hormones shift and fluctuate.

Menstrual: The time when we bleed
Follicular: After menstruation as the body prepares to release an egg for fertilization
Ovulation: The moment that egg is released and is ready to be fertilized
Luteal: The time between Ovulation and the next Menstruation when the body prepares to either begin growing a fetus, or to shed the uterine lining and start over.

Each phase has unique qualities and super powers – knowinf these, and embracing them, empowers us to live in deeper connection with our natural rhythms and fluid nature, as Super Women!

There are several reasons why a woman does not experience menses; menopause, amenorrhea, or pregnancy are the most common reasons.

In the case of amenorrhea, we may be able to explore whether or not your absent period is really healthy for you, and how we might be able to bring it back, letting your body flow the way it was meant to.

But for those of us where there is no menstruation, and that’s normal, good and healthy, GET THIS; all women can tap into this cycle of energetic flow, by syncing up with the phases of the moon!

Cool, huh? So whether you bleed every month or not, there is much to learn about the cyclical nature of being a woman – and it’s honestly a super power that you don’t want to miss out on.

The next 8-Week Sister Circle begins on May 3rd 2018! We will meet each Thursday evening for 8 weeks from 7-9pm EST. Our last Circle will be June 21st 2018.
This is for powerful women who desire more connection in sisterhood with other powerful women. This is for you, whether or not you feel your power just yet – in Circle, all will be revealed to you!

This is for you if you have ever struggled in your relationships with other women, feeling competition, judgment, and isolation.

You don’t need to be so alone, Sister. We’re here for you.

This is for you if you have ever struggled with fully embracing your periods. If your period is a nuisance, or a painful moment you dread every month. If you have noticed that you don’t always feel the same, but haven’t yet pin pointed why (for example sometimes I feel social, other times Netflix is my best friend). Here we will learn how to predict these fluctuations in our ways of being, and harness that information as our secret weapons of success!

Sister Circles are held entirely online! We meet through a system called Zoom (connection details will be sent to you once you sign up), which is voice and video off of your computer or smart phone. I send you weekly e-mails, you get access to the recorded interviews with the guest mentors, and there is a private FB Group for us to stay in touch between circles. I chose to keep it all online for a few reasons. First, it’s so much easier for us all to manage our time if we aren’t traveling to and from a specific location. Time and location freedom anyone?? Me! Meee! But also, it helps us all connect with one another no matter where in the world we are!
Payment of $399 CAD plus sales taxes (total $458.75 CAD) is made through secure checkout on my site. Use your PayPal, or guest PayPal account to pay via PayPal balance, Credit Card, or bank card.