I have spent over a year connecting with sisters in circle. The journey has been deep and powerful in ways I can’t explain. So instead I’d love to share the experience with you!

With my guidance, we will create a safe space for 5 women. Here I will hold the container of your time together, and provide an experience that will change you on a deep and soulful level.

Circles are a space to share and receive the support of our sisters, and one-on-one coaching from me.

During this journey we will learn:

– How to use our Moon Cycles to navigate our lives with ease and grace
– How to share vulnerably and authentically with other women
– How to ASK for what we need from our sisters
– How to RECEIVE their support, wisdom, love, compassion, and pure acceptance
– How to GIVE support to women, with respect, compassion, acceptance of where they are in the moment, and in trusting her own inner guidance system to support her

By the end of the 8 weeks we will:

– Build bonds with women in ways we have never known before
– Begin to trust our own inner wisdom and guidance system
– Trust our sisters to have our back and always look out for us
– Find unconditional love and compassion with women we may have never even met before!

Watch this to learn more about the program and get the answers to frequently asked questions:

What Sisters have to say about Circles with Christine

“I had reservations about joining Sister Circles because the concept was so foreign to me. I have many sisters, hence I did not want to have the same power dynamics and struggles. Also, I did not want be forced to share and open up prematurely to strangers. I was concerned that it might become an intervention session, become invasive, or simply unsafe.

Christine is fiercely loving, shamelessly honest, and graceful in her guidance. She inspired me to be unapologetic about all my states of being. I was allowed and encouraged to express what I needed to the other sisters as she held the space. There was no support given that was not asked for! The respect and awareness of one another was surprising and it gave me such relief to be heard and understood in my request for support.

Since being in Sister Circles, I experience less aversion towards my changing moods and see how they do not reflect badly on me. This is all a cycle and my moods are part of that cycle. My worries and concerns? They come and go.” – Nuha Hussein Abdelhamid

“Before I experienced a true Sister Circle I had no idea what to expect and frankly I was nervous. Christine instantly made me feel comfortable and that was a huge relief. The thing that makes sister circles so unique is that you can share what is going on with you, what is holding you back, what you want to celebrate, or how you desire support. All of these pieces help you grow. For it to work, you need a true leader showing you the way and Christine is just that. She is a loving, compassionate, honest, giving leader and she will help you get comfortable sharing very quickly, which will help you grow even quicker.” – Shauna Lay

“Christine Guenette is the queen of sister circles. I feel so fortunate to have had the privilege to be in circle with her this past year. I didn’t know what to expect from a sister circle, and Christine made me feel right at home from our first circle together. She shows up week after week with openness, love, and authenticity. Her genuine energy helped me to feel more at home with her, and the other women in our circle than I ever have before, even with women I have known for years. A circle provides a safe place to land, a place to be accepted exactly as you are, a place to show up and be supported through the inevitable ups and downs of life. This experience was life changing, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you Christine for being such a natural leader and bringing so much love and light to our circles. If you are thinking of signing up for a sister circle with Christine, I encourage you to trust the process and go for it! You will be in good care. 🙂 ” – Ambar Gingerelli

“I had never been in a Sister Circle before and didn’t know what to expect. I was definitely feeling nervous the first time I joined. Christine helped me feel immediately grounded and safe. With her own beautifully sovereign energy she welcomed and guided me and the other new sisters, helping us feel comfortable right away. Christine is a skilled and compassionate leader who is awesome at facilitating powerful circles through which we as women can develop strong and healthy relationships that allow us to grow and be the absolute best versions of ourselves in the world. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, in business and personally, I highly recommend you join one of Christine’s Sister Circles!” – Angelle Batten