img_4399-copyChristine Guenette

Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

Christine Guenette is a funny and engaging speaker, inspiring her audiences to take action in their lives and live from a place of heart and intention.  She is a Life Coach and Yoga Teacher in Montreal, Quebec.  She teaches fun yoga classes with heart centered themes inspired by her own down to earth and relatable experiences.  Her life coaching practice helps her clients to see new paths and methods that bring them further down the road they want to travel.  In one on one coaching and through group programs she motivates participants and holds them accountable.

Her signature program “Chakra Needs” guides participants through a deeper knowing of themselves, what is working in their lives, and what needs to change.  In Chakra Needs, she teaches her magic formula to make large and small decisions with ease and confidence.

Christine is currently available for interviews, public speaking, and workshops.


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Published on Elephant Journal

How healing my Chakras took me from Miserable to Purposeful

There I was again, lying in a heap on my bed, fully clothed, sun streaming in through the window, sobbing.

My partner sat beside me, not sure what was wrong, or what to do to console me. Moments earlier, I had been sitting quietly at my desk in the kitchen looking at my finances, as I did every week. And, just like every other week, the outlook was bleak.

I didn’t know what to do, how to change it, what I had done wrong, or what exactly the consequences were going to be. I just knew that I was completely weighed down with the stress of trying to make ends meet.


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La Presse Interview

“Des conseils pour arriver à changer de vie” -> “Advice on how to change your life”

* Article is in French

Yocomo “Living The Life that We Teach”

Workshop Description

Teaching yoga is very rewarding and energizing – and challenging! You’re following the path, you’re living your dream, but you feel depleted and you don’t know why. You’re a yoga teacher – and you love it! – but you feel mentally and physically exhausted. As Yoga Teachers we can find ourselves struggling to make a living out of this path, of keeping space to nurture ourselves in the midst of giving so much to others, and we find ourselves feeling alone in a surprisingly competitive world.  This can leave us feeling tired, discouraged and unable to keep up with the lifestyle we believe in.  Join Christine in this workshop to learn coping methods, planning strategies, and, most importantly, to reconnect to your inner wisdom and build the life that you want and that you deserve so that you may better serve your students authentically. We’re all in this together.