The Whole30: 10 Reasons To Do It With Me

I’m doing it again!  The Whole30 that is.  The Whole30 is a health reset program and I’m organizing a free facebook group event so that we can do it together this April.  Why should you do it with me?  I’ve got 10 reasons for you to join me!

  1. Clean up your diet!  Cut out the processed foods, the sugar, and the alcohol.  Get back to whole foods at every meal.
  2. Heal your gut.  Much of the food we eat without much thought actually compromises our gut health, which compromises our immune function, which can lead to autoimmune diseases – or at the very least a system that’s on over drive always working too hard to keep you healthy.  Cut those foods out and the gut heals, getting stronger and resilient again so that I can do what it does best – absorb the nutrients it should and flush out the crap it doesn’t need.
  3. Curb your cravings.  The more often we give in to cravings, the more often we crave.  As the founders of the Whole30 say – it’s time to slay your sugar dragon.  And the only way to do that is to starve it.
  4. Prep your body for bikini season!  Although losing weight is not the specific goal of a Whole30, it’s certainly a much appreciated side effect for most of us.  Eat super duper clean with me for 30 days and chances are high that you’ll lose a pound – or several!
  5. Sleep better.  Much of the foods we eat have a huge impact on our hormones leaving us wide awake at bedtime and groggy when the alarm goes off in the morning.  Clean eating for 30 days will heal your hormonal response pattern to food and have you sleeping like a baby.
  6. Clean and clear skin.  Suffer from breakouts like a teenager, long after puberty?  Do the whole30 with me and be prepared to be amazed!
  7. Discover new foods!  When you cut foods out of your day, you need to replace them with something else.  It’s time to explore the produce isle and throw some new veggies in your basket.
  8. Let go of what no longer serves you.  You’ve heard me say it many times in Yoga Class, but did you know that you could let go of an unhealthy relationship with food?  It doesn’t serve us to feel trapped by calorie counting, portion control and other obsessive eating patterns.  Get ready to let go, and be set free.
  9. Perform better on your yoga mat.  Your energy is going to sky rocket and your performance on the mat, in the gym, or on the dance floor will reflect this.  You’re going to feel sooooooo gooooood!
  10. Forget about being on a diet and join a community of peers doing it with you.  The whole30 is strict, yes, but it’s only 30 days.  Let’s spend it together creating new habits for a healthier lifestyle that will go way beyond 30 days.

This month I’ll be helping you get ready for the whole30 in April.  Sign up for e-mail updates to learn more about the program, how it works, how you can prep for it, and for more reasons on why it’s right for you!!!

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  1. That’s a great idea, Christine! I’m actually down for that. I’m in exactly the same place as you… Been letting my eating habits go south, and it’s time to turn this around. I’m guessing you will keep us updated about the Facebook group?

    1. Heh, I’m glad I’m not alone! Exactly! I’ll share later this month how to get in on the group action. So make sure you are signed up for e-mail updates!

    1. Patience grasshopper! I’ll be sending out more information on how to join the group later this month. Make sure you’re signed up for e-mail updates so you don’t miss it! And YAYAYAYAYA so gladd you’ll be joining us!!!!

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