3 Tips to Manage Derailments from Carefully Laid Out Plans

Not long ago, my well laid plans got derailed TWICE in one week.  On the Monday my son didn’t go to daycare as planned, then a couple of days later when I was sitting down to write my newsletter, my internet stopped working.

I admit that the first time, I melted down.  I had SH!T to do, man!  I was opening a new massage space in a weeks time and there was a lot to do!  Then when my internet was down, I wasted precious time resetting my router three times, getting on the phone with tech support, and mucking around with cables behind a piece of furniture we had fixed to the wall.  #babyproofing frustrations HAHAHA

Thankfully, if yoga and meditation has taught me anything it’s that anything we are experiencing right now, it will soon pass, and that there are tools available within ourselves to weather the unexpected.

This is what I have learned about how to manage derailments from carefully laid out plans:

  1. I can not stress this enough – know your priorities.  I have an ongoing to do list of seemingly endless tasks.  What saves my neck every time is prioritizing what needs doing FIRST.  Like if you got only ONE thing done today, what NEEDS to be done?  Sometimes it may be something practical like paying the bills, other times it may be sitting in meditation for even just 5 or 10 minutes, but know what is of top priority and focus on that first.  BONUS if you get it done and still have time.  Then you ask the same question, if only one more thing got done, what should it be?
  2. DO NOT over task yourself!  This flows right out of tip #1.  Know your priorities, but then don’t make EVERYTHING a priority.  Plan out the essentials that need your attention.  I don’t schedule myself more than 2 or 3 things a day.  I know it doesn’t sound like much, but between making meals, my self care activities, and all the other stuff that happens on the daily, there isn’t actually all that much time to be packing a ton of other stuff in too.  You get the same BONUS here as you did in tip 1; if you finish your list of must do’s quickly and have lots of time (and energy) left over, you can always do more.  However, if something derails you and you end up with much less time than you had planned, by not over planning your day, you won’t feel you’ve fallen as discouragingly behind.
  3. Stop, drop, and breath.  When sh!t hits the fan and you aren’t able to accomplish what you had planned to, it can easily turn into a downward spiral of negativity and frustration (just ask my BFF who had to save me from negativity overload!)  Take a moment (time well spent) to breath.  Let the new landscape of your time be accepted as the reality, so that you can let go of your well laid plans, and accept what is.  I can’t change it when the daycare administrator is ill, or when the internet isn’t working at precisely the moment I needed it, but I can accept that this is what’s going on right now, and adjust to what is needed of me in this moment.

I heard this once and it rings true today:

“Did you really have a bad day, or did you have a bad 5 minutes and you milked it all day long?”

The tools you need to adapt to whatever comes your way, live inside of yourself.  Yoga and mediation have been the resources I have used to be reminded of this every day.  I don’t get it right every time, and I still have a lot of work to do, but I do feel that I have everything I need to go with the flow, and let life happen with me.

Drop a comment below and tell me, how do you react when your plans are interrupted, cancelled, or just completely messed with?  Are you cool as a cucumber and go with the flow easily?  Or do you have a tantrum and let the discouragement affect your entire day, mood, and your ability to get ANYTHING accomplished?  

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