7 Embarrassing Truths About Me

Being seen is crazy uncomfortable. I’m the first to admit, that when I’m questioning myself in any way, I start to hide.

Part of letting my Inner Light shine, is allowing myself to be seen. I love to keep in touch with my clients, do Facebook lives in my private facebook group, and share what I’m up to and what’s moving me with social media posts. This is how I ignite Manipura, the third Chakra. Being seen helps me to feel special, like I am significant in the bigger picture of all that’s around me.

In my groups I show up in my PJ’s, walking down the street… wherever I am, as I am, daily.  There is no hiding!  I know I have something awesome to offer, and it doesn’t have anything to do with me.  I am the vessel that channels the message, and all I have to do is SHOW UP.

With my group I feel completely seen.  As myself, perfectly imperfect and honestly real.

In the picture above….  a series of selfies I’ve taken over the years for my BFF.  We always have a good laugh at how my hair is completely nuts every morning.  She calls me Don King 😉  I felt it was time I shared these pics with you, since they are just priceless!

In the Spirit of letting it all out, being completely transparent, and letting myself be seen here are 7 Embarrassing Truths About Me:

  1. I do everything in “circles”.  My clothes cycle into my closet on one side, and cycle out the other creating a complete rotation.  Makes sense there, but in many other areas of my life it’s a bit nutty.  Like my morning routine runs the parameter of my home.  Feed cats, then do dishes, then make breakfast, then open the curtains….  Drives Alex nuts as it just doesn’t always (if ever) make sense….
  2. I asked out every guy I’ve ever dated.  I’ve never been asked out.  What can I say?  When I see something I want, I don’t wait.  I go for it!!!
  3. In over 20 years of practicing yoga, my heels have NEVER touched the floor in downward dog.  Not when I was in top shape.  Not when I was practicing every day.  Never.
  4. I pick my nose.  There.  I said it.
  5. I talk to myself.  A lot.  All the time.  Walking down the street.  Anywhere.  And sometimes, I talk back….
  6. I can never seem to remember who sings that song.  Or who was that actor in that movie.  Or the name of that movie.  Is it “Days Gone Forever”?  Or “End of Tomorrow Past”?  Or “Last Day Tomorrow”???
  7. I have a drinking problem.  The glass comes up to my mouth…  and I clink my teeth.  Or the drink goes spilling down my shirt.

So don’t leave me hanging here.  Can you hit up the comments below and tell me one embarrassing truth about yourself so I don’t feel like a complete dunce?  I would love to know I’m not alone in my wacko-ness!

Wanna see me in all my imperfect glory, on video?  Request to join the private Facebook group, Inner Circle.

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