I just LOVE to talk.

Just ask Alex, he can’t get me to shut up sometimes.

My favourite moments that I have spent with my clients, are the moments when we chat.

Before and after a massage or a yoga class, we engage in some profoundly inspiring conversations.

It is here, that I often find myself sharing some of my life experiences on how to be healthier, happier and to live a more balanced life. It is here that I get just a glimpse into their life experiences. The stories that they have shared with me, the challenges and the AHHA moments – make what I do for a living a deeply moving and connected experience. It is through their honesty and vulnerability that I am inspired and driven.

Through my experiences in making some pretty difficult changes in my own life I’ve learned a few things. In hearing those stories from the beautiful people that I work with, I have learned even more.

Now I’m ready to take it further.


I’m ready to turn my incessant talking into something productive!

Through Lifestyle Coaching I cover those sticky changes we all are trying so hard to achieve, but get so overwhelmed by.

Diet. Exercise. Stress Management. Time Management. We hear so many ideas, so much advice on how to be living our lives in the most healthfully and present way possible – but what’s missing is the execution. How on earth are we supposed to get to “there” from here? To that place where everything seems to be in alignment, we feel energized, healthy, inspired and totally chill with where we are in our life?

Together, I help you figure out what the priority is. For you. We identify the priorities, we create an action plan to make the changes we want to see for you,

I guide you through the process until the change is fully integrated and sustained in your new lifestyle.

Then we move on to the next thing, if there is one, until you get to a place where everything is feeling pretty damn good.

This is that pre-massage chat, on steroids.   

Mmmm Massage

Mmmm Massage

We are going to go DEEP and we are going to bring you out on TOP.

That’s what A Paleo Yogi is all about. Tackling this sticky lifestyle business and finally finding the sustainable way to bring it all together.

Now that I’m going further than ever before with coaching people through sustainable lifestyle changes, I see that I am ready to learn a whole new set of skills.

My announcement: I am proud to announce that I have enrolled in a 12 month Life Coaching program!!!!

I am ready to coach you RIGHT NOW though, so message me if you’re interested.

Want to know more about the program I’m starting in September? Let’s start by getting to know my awesome teacher!

Jeannine Yoder’s Stank Face Tutorial

Yep. She’s pretty cool. Here’s more about the program: Mentor Masterclass Life Coaching

If you happen to be interested in taking this program too, please let me know!!!

Now tell me, what area in your life do you need the most help getting on track and staying there?

What have you tried to adopt to be a happier, healthier and more balanced version of you that hasn’t stuck yet?  What has?  Why did it work, or didn’t?

Share your stories in the comments!

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