We’re Just GIVING Stuff Away!!!!

I have the pleasure and honour to say that I am close friends with Barbara Lima, founder and designer at Cadeauté. She recently launched a new Yoga Line and the designs are inspired by a recent trip she made to India.

My home is already filled with the beauty of Cadeauté.

Cadeauté in my home!

Cadeauté in my home! (Including a cat lump in my bed)

I have loved her designs for years! And one of the things that inspires me the most about Barbara and her business is the level of quality of her products. She puts so much attention to detail into her work, and only releases the products that meet her exceptionally high standards to the public. For this I feel she has set the bar for me in my work – to never accept anything less than the best!

This attentiveness to detail and quality leads to an excellence in her products.

Take for instance her Eye Pillows. They are handmade in Montreal with Bridal Satin, vibrant colours and are filled with flaxseed, mint and rose petals from India as well as rose essential oil. These eye pillows are such a luxury for my clients – and myself when blissing it out in restorative postures!

Barbara’s bold designs are unique and playful.

I love my velveteen pillows and yoga bolster! They bring fun into my home and onto my yoga mat!

I have also used many of her notebooks, all printed in Montreal on recycled paper. These books are PERFECT for my daily journaling. Just the right size and they look fabulous on my bedside table as they wait for my next entry 🙂


So inspiring!

She also recently began making yoga leggings – probably some of the most exciting stuff so far! I’ve even seen them popping up in class on students I didn’t even know yet! They are made with this wonderfully thick material so they aren’t see through (like some unmentionable brands LOL).

I'm loving my pair!

I’m loving my pair!

Check out her online store for a full inventory of her products and designs.

Cadeauté is Barbara’s vision for a beautiful world, filled with colour, community, fun and introspection.  Her products are sure to inspire you to sit on your meditation cushion, journal your heart out and step onto the yoga mat every day for your bliss out!

What’s truly amazing though, is that she’s giving YOU her products for free in this fun giveaway!!!

We have three glorious offers for you. All from her new designs!

A notebook for all your journaling needs!

An eye pillow scented with rose and mint essential oils.

An eye pillow scented with mint & rose.

And a combo of both! What decadence!

Here is how to enter this contest:

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~~~You have until Monday July 13th at midnight (Eastern Standard) to enter.~~~

Then we will draw three names to see who are the lucky winners! (We will get in touch privately to arrange for delivery)

Let’s share the beauty of Cadeauté and inspire others to take care of themselves with fun and self love!

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