Chakra Needs:
A Physical Practice

These yoga videos are the physical practice that connects the Chakra Needs work into our bodies.

All 7 yoga practices are accessible for yogis at all levels - from beginner to experienced, I hope you will enjoy connecting with your Chakras and finding more balance inside of yourself.

You will need:

  • A yoga mat
  • Two blocks (get creative if you don't have blocks! Thick books, a tomato can, or for seated postures a thick blanket works well)
  • A thick blanket
  • A bolster (or a few blankets rolled up tightly works too!)
  • A smile 🙂

Each video we work on a different Chakra Need:

  • Muladhara

    Grounding poses, the need for Certainty

  • Svadisthana

    Slow moving hip openers, the need for Variety

  • Manipura

    Arm balances for power, the need to feel Significant

  • Anahata

    Heart liberating back bends, the need for Love and Connection

  • Vishuddha

    Shoulder stand, the need to Grow and Expand

  • Ajna

    Twists, our need to be of Contribution

  • Sahasrara

    Headstand and mediation, the need to feel a Connection to Divinity


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