Generosity changed my life

My theme word for 2016 has been “Generosity”.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much this word has changed my life.

Read more about how and why I chose the word here.

By focusing my time and energy on cultivating more generosity inside of myself and in recognizing it in others, it’s like I awoke from the Matrix.  I awoke from a world where greed and fear ran through my veins and motivated everyone around me.

Once this veil had been lifted, I saw that I have the opportunity to give every day, in many different ways.  I also have found myself reconnecting with Grace and Gratitude.  I am surrounded by the Generosity of others every day too!

But what does Generosity mean?  At first the word conjured up images for me of making donations to charities, or tipping the waiter more than the standard 15%.  Those are great ways to cultivate Generosity.  However, why stop there?

  • I now give my partner more of my time.
  • I listen more.
  • I offer more kind and flattering words.
  • With every new business decision I ask myself “How can I give MORE?”

We can be Generous with our dollars, our time, our understanding and compassion, our words, our service to others, our wisdom, our curiosity, our humility, our patience, our respect, our creativity, our loyalty, and so much more.

The best part of 2016 was that I became a part of the first official team of daanapreneurs.  “daana” means “to cultivate generosity”!  It was hard to ignore the call to become a part of an initiative that is both powerfully inspired, and very dear to my personal values.

I interviewed Bhaskar, one of the founders of daana last year.  Check out our interview here.

As a daanapreneur, my role is to get right down into the front lines and make daana a success.  The concept is simple.  A host, generously offers a space.  A teacher, generously offers a wellness class.  Participants find classes near them via the website or the app on their phone.  They register for the class and go enjoy the teachings offered in Generosity.  Then, after the class they are invited to make an anonymous contribution to give it forward.  Their contributions make the cycle continue and grow stronger as more people are reached in creative ways, bringing wellness to everyone, everywhere!

How cool is that????

I believe in the Generosity that lies in all of us.  That when we live from a place of Generosity, we have a new lens to see the value in the things we experience.  It then becomes less about how much we can afford to give, and more about expressing, Generously, our gratitude.  All with the Grace of letting the cycle of wellness, joy, and connection continue for others.

I’d love to hear from you.  Share in the comments below!

What does Generosity mean to you?

How can you cultivate more Generosity into your daily life?

How could teach more Generously in your yoga classes?

How have you received Generosity lately?

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