I’m not Perfect

I’m not perfect.

Surprised?  Probably not.

We all KNOW we’re not perfect. 

That others aren’t perfect.

But still somehow we have very high standards of each other.

The Yoga Teacher should be able to do all the advanced poses, be “enlightened” and have profoundly peaceful relationships.

The Massage Therapist should have great posture, get massaged themselves regularly, and have extensive knowledge of all body work modalities and anatomy.

The Life Coach must have all their shit together.  Be in the right career, with the right relationship, and feel perfectly in alignment with everything they do and say.

The dentist must brush and floss every day.

The computer technician must never get a virus.

The church goer must love and accept everyone else.

The truth is, we are all just doing our best.  Better can only be measured by where we are coming from.

How am I imperfect?

I say I eat Paleo, and I know dairy isn’t good for my body – but this summer I made a commitment to go out for ice cream (often) with my beau.

I am a yoga teacher, but I still struggle to maintain a regular practice and my heels STILL don’t touch the ground in downward dog (that’s 18 years of yoga – so I hear ya when you’re surprised you don’t always see gains as fast as you’d like to).

I am a LifeStyle Coach, and I am beginning my certification in the field in September.  My personal lifestyle is a work in progress.  I have come sooooo far.  And I still have farther to go.

I should drink less coffee (oops just finished cup #3 today while writing this), and less wine – yes I should still work on the wine.  I should practice more yoga, and ride my bicycle with my beau more.  I should skip ice cream and get more massages.  I should study harder and focus more.

I am not perfect.

I also still struggle in my relationships.

I am kinder, more compassionate than I used to be. 

But I still have a harsh tongue, and sometimes my defensive side shows up to crash the party.  I can be a bit of a bitch sometimes.  I have a bit of an attitude problem.  I’m also overly righteous sometimes.

But do you know what?  When I look back at 22 year old me and the mistakes that young woman was making, I am damned glad to not be her anymore.

My progress can only be measured by where I have come from.

22 year old me ate like poo.  I was tired a lot and I never exercised (aside from some gentle yoga at home).  I was never happy with my body, and I would bing, then purge.

That girl cheated on her boyfriend then slipped into a depression for a year because she wasn’t self aware enough to understand what she had done, why, how to prevent it from happening again, or how to forgive herself.

That girl was always defensive and she ruined friendships with her righteousness.

I am not perfect.  But I have grown up soooo much.  I am living a life that I am PROUD of now.  Even in all of its imperfection!

I am proud to say I am working on cutting back even more on the wine, that I am working on being an ever better yoga teacher, that I am studying massage techniques in my spare time, and I am enrolled in an intensive life coaching program, where I am sure I will feel like a pheonix – burning to ash and then rising anew and even better than I am now.

I am not perfect, and I never will be.

I am surrounded by love and support.  I know I’m not alone in my imperfection!

How are you imperfect?

How are you better than you used to be?

Please share in the comments section!  Let’s prove to each other that we are all a work in progress!  That we are not alone!

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    1. Oh yes the sugar dragon!!!! In “It Starts With Food” they explain why we love those sugar treats – they also let us off of the hook and let us know that it’s not our fault.

      So you go ahead and love those sugary treats girlfriend! Only the day you feel the need to change should you even think about it.

      1. I for one feel I should lay off the treats/booze/shopping but don’t have the willpower to do it. How do I get started?

        1. Good question Danielle! I suggest identifying for yourself just one thing to change to start. And focus your energy on changing that habit alone. Identify your patterns and create a plan on how to change them.

          For example, if you’d like to shop less, identify when you’re most likely to shop unnecessarily and make plans to do something else with that time. If you shop most on your lunch hour, plan a lunch with a friend, find a nice park to sit for a quiet lunch on your own, or start hitting up the gym or a yoga class at that time. The key though is to really focus daily on modifying the old pattern to create a new one.

          Once you come to a place where you feel that your habits have changed, then consider shifting your focus onto something else you’d like to modify. This works to both keep your focused attention, and it gives you the confidence that you can change your reality by seeing the results very concretely.

          Thanks for sharing!

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