Intentionally You

I’m Christine – nice to meet you!

Are you ready to live your best life? Let’s work together to push past the fear and help you be intentionally you.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a journey during which we peer into the depths of your patterns and beliefs, with the goal of reaching a better understanding of what makes you tick. My guidance is meant to help you navigate your way through life’s tangled brush, uncovering new paths and methods to get you where you want to be. By choosing to work with a life coach, you are saying yes to self-care by investing in your future, your happiness, and ramping up the “joy factor” that permeates your day-to-day. Now, nobody said it was going to be easy – but I truly believe that strength and fearlessness are born of discomfort. If you trust me, and trust yourself, let’s jump right in.

This program is by invitation or referral only. Please submit an application for review. If accepted, I will contact you to schedule a complimentary preliminary coaching call so we can get to know each other in a meaningful way before kicking off your journey.

The Method

My signature method, Chakra Needs, focuses on a handful of key goals: deeper self-knowing, understanding your needs and values, and melding those things together to create a defined roadmap for your personal progress. By peeling back layers of confusion and doubt, these insights will help us point you in a direction that spells positivity, happiness, and self-actualization.

Some of my preferred techniques include: goal-setting, accountability, visualization, meditation, yoga, and the ever-popular Law of Attraction.

With your newfound map and a clear image of your highest needs, any number of dreams and projects can come to fruition! You could…

  • take your first yoga teacher training!

  • move to a new country!

  • quit your day job!

  • open your own wellness center!

  • sign up for ayurvedic school!

What’s included in your 7-month journey

This program is 100% online, so we can connect at any time, from anywhere! This also means that PJs are a welcome dress code.

  • 14 one-on-one 60-minute coaching sessions – via video chat or phone
  • Guest mentor videos – benefit from 7 thought-provoking perspectives
  • 7 monthly workbooks – includes exercises and tools to support homework assignments
  • Access to me between sessions – we’re in this together!
  • Assignments and homework catered to each module and session – assignments are rooted in my Chakra Needs method, and personalized based on your individual goals and challenges
  • Private Facebook group with access to myself, your guest mentors, and others who have completed their journey or are currently in coaching – use this space to ask questions, contribute personal findings, and give/receive support among a warm, nurturing network

Meet our guest mentors

Don’t forget, you can swap ideas and insights with these incredible minds thanks to the private Facebook group membership included in your program.

Amanda Chicoine, Yoga Instructor
Barrie Risman. Yoga Educator, Teacher–Trainer, and Mentor
Melanie Richards, Founder and Director of HappyTree Yoga Studio in Montreal
Mama, Yoga Teacher, Speaker, Coach, and Co-Author
Gen Larocque, Modern Goddess Yoga Instructor
Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow, Wellbeing Coach, Naturopathic Doctor, and Yoga Therapy Teacher

And special guest,

Elena Brower

Mama, Yoga Teacher, Speaker, Coach, and Co-Author

Making the right choice

Module 1: You are here

4 months, 8 sessions

Paint a picture of where you are, what’s working you for, and what you’d like to change

  • Identify current challenges
  • Brainstorm effective solutions
  • Uncover your Perfect System and how it’s holding you hostage
  • Explore how your “ego needs” are being met – or not – in your current situation
      • Muladhara, the need for certainty
      • Svadisthana, the need for variety
      • Manipura, the need to feel significant
      • Anahata, the need for love and connection

Module 2: Where are you headed?

2 months, 4 sessions

Establish the direction in which you wish to grow, based on findings from Module 1

  • Define your top 10 values
  • Learn about your desired feelings and how they operate in everything you do
  • Use your Spirit Needs to position yourself for progress and growth
      • Vishuddha, the need to Grow
      • Ajna, the need to be of Contribution

Module 3: Go!

1 month, 2 sessions

Confidence: enter, stage right. It’s time to decide what’s next, what’s right, and where you most need to be

  • Open your Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, and explore how you fit into the whole of all that is
  • Prioritize all of your needs and values
  • Measure all possible paths that might offer resistance against your priorities
  • Take matters into your own hands – decide!

The Program

You are about to embark on a very personal journey. To successfully shift your inner landscape, it is important to pair up with a life coach that feels right.

This personalized program is for you if you are…

  • Ready to think outside of the box
  • Experiencing burnout and doubt
  • Struggling to find balance in work, self-care, and play
  • Feeling anxious and stressed
  • Considering taking a yoga teacher training course
  • Debating becoming a life coach
  • Unhappy in your current job and craving change
  • Dreaming of something more, but don’t know where to start
  • Convinced your time on this earth is meant for you to make it a better place
  • Excited to take a leap of faith
  • Worried about making the right choice
  • Ready to live out loud!

This program may not be the right fit if you are…

  • Not yet ready to perform the hard work necessary to change your life
  • Not seeing a need for change based on your current situation
  • Depressed or have a diagnosed psychological issue that is going untreated by a professional (I am not a clinical therapist, but I’d be happy to help you find one)
  • Certain that you don’t deserve what you desire most deeply (trust me, you do!)
  • Willing to let life happen to you, instead of you happening to it
  • Unwilling to open your heart to the colourful tapestry of our world!

What program graduates have to say…

I LOVE how Christine tied it all together in our last call, and helped me formulate a clear action plan that aligned with my top values and that feels really good! I feel so much more clear and purposeful. This program has such a cool way of meeting us where we are at and validating our experience at any given point in time.

Christine is a brilliant guide. She is such a wise woman and has created something really special with the Chakra Needs program. This program is super unique, and if you do the work, you will find the clarity you are searching for.

– Ambar Gingerelli

Christine was the catalyst to inspire me to take the necessary actions to pursue my dreams. She was the gentle push I needed to help me discover my passions and make me aware of repetitive thought patterns holding me back from taking control of my life.

– Monique Malais

I went from feeling lost and lacking direction & confidence, to taking responsibility and making real change in my life. It was incredibly fast too. I went from being an overwhelmed unemployed volunteer to teaching 3-4 yoga classes per week in about 6 weeks time. I am so excited about where my life is at now!

– Claire Gaudreau

Christine opened my eyes to things I was not seeing about myself, and gently pushed me to face my fears and to overcome my inner barriers. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support, encouragement and the push they need to make a big transition in their lives!

– Marcia Moraes

I have a clearer sense of where I am heading in my life.  Since our time in coaching together, I am more connected to my goals and feel more confident about achieving them.

– Anna Teeple

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