Processed and Red Meat Causes CANCER???

When it came out earlier this week that processed meats and red meat are now classified carcinogens that are as likely to cause cancer as smoking, I have to say – I was pretty upset.  But not because I fear it’s true and I don’t want to give up my steak.

What bothers me most about this type of media release to the general public is the fear that it fosters.

Watch this video to see more on what I have to say about that.

The Paleo Mom lays it out the best here.  Basic summary: yes meats can cause cancer – if you’re not eating your veggies.

Lets be honest.  For those who are still far from a paleo diet and are eating fast food, processed foods and red meat, they may be lacking on the veggie intake.  That slice of iceberg lettuce on the burger DOES NOT COUNT.

So tell me, how did you react when you heard the news this week? 

Does this information resonate with you?  Why?

Share with me the information you have gathered on the subject.  Let’s start informing each other!

Please leave your comments below so I know you’re here.   And let me know if you liked the video!  This is the first of many, and I’ll be exploring how to make them more fun and more interesting 🙂

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