Sister Circles 8-Week Program

Welcome Sister!

It is with gratitude, love, and reverence that I welcome you to this space where we can begin exploring sisterhood and feminine power, together.

These videos are conversations I have had with our guest mentors. I recommend that you watch each video weekly, in order. You may be tempted to watch them all at once, or skip ahead to the conversation or the mentor you are most drawn to. However, this process is best digested slowly and sequentially. And to be honest, 8 weeks isn’t that slow. As it is you will have a ton to digest and integrate into your own experience. So watch the videos sequentially each week and let yourself be completely immersed in the energy and feeling of that weeks phase of our menstrual cycle, and the love of our sisterhood.

Week 1 : Menstruation with Jenny Tosner
Week 2: Follicular with Aimee Eoff
Week 3: Ovulation with Shauna Lay
Week 4: Luteal with Ambar Gingerelli
Week 5: Menstrual Cycle Health and Hormone Overview with Nicole Jardim
Week 6: The Value of Sisterhood with Kassandra Kernisan
Week 7: Sisterhood in Daily Life with Kelley Cooper
Week 8: Leading Sisterhood Programs with Jeannine Yoder

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With love,

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