New Year, New Intentions

It’s day 9 of 2016 – how are those New Year’s Resolutions holding up?

For some of you, I’m sure setting a New Year’s Resolution is a very helpful exercise and something that you can stick to for the whole year – but I’m willing to bet that there are far MORE of you who find that somewhere around this time the resolution is beginning to fade into some memory of something you once said you’d like to do.

For a couple of years now I have been focusing more on setting an INTENTION for the year ahead.  I feel that with an intention, we can bring it to everything that we do, infusing it into all of our choices and actions along the journey.  It’s like the compass that guides our way, whether or not life is set up just right at every moment.

It comes down to how you want to FEEL as opposed to what you want to DO.

Of course there is a time and place to plan our goals and outline the actions to get towards those goals.  And the beginning of a new year is a GREAT time to do some goal setting and action planning!

I like to see Goal Setting like the Map, Action Planning as the Directions, and Intention Setting as your Compass.

This week I had the honour of participating in a Power of Themes ritual with Jeannine Yoder.  Here she followed much of the same principles that I have done in the past to set my intention.  She had us all focus in on a key word, or short phrase, to set as our theme for the year.

It was a powerful process and I am a bit surprised at what I came up with!

During class with Jeannine, in Mentor Masterclass on Monday, we began this work as it relates to Goal Setting.  I became convinced that my theme for the year would in some way revolve around grounding.  Roots.  Foundation.  I let these words and ideas mull around inside of me all week.  I was even teaching on the concept in my yoga classes – anyone take class with me this week and notice we were really digging into the earth, before we found freedom and lift within the body?

Thursday evening was the annual event with Jey on the Power of Themes.  I walked away from that ritual with a COMPLETELY different theme word for 2016 than I had anticipated!  My word is:

Generosity defines generosity as:

1. readiness or liberality in giving; munificence.
2. freedom from meanness or pettiness; magnanimity.
3. a generous act.
4. largeness or fullness; amplitude.

I chose this word for four reasons.

  1. I have found that the word “Abundance” simply does not resonate with me.  It’s meaning is what I would like to cultivate in my life, but the word itself sounds too….  airy fairy.  I would say this word to myself in meditation and intention setting practices and it would just roll right off me, not getting any stick.  Generosity comes from a different place.  Within its definition I see “liberality”, “freedom”, and “fullness”.
  2. In my efforts to cultivate more “abundance” in my life, I regret that the spirit of generosity has taken a back seat.  Yes I can be generous, but I worry that when my own goals are in play, my generosity has been forgotten.  By setting my word for the year to “Generosity” I can bring that spirit back into all that I do, even while pursuing certain freedoms for myself.  I believe that by living within the spirit of generosity, I will be filled up!
  3. In choosing an intention and a theme for the year, we are not only looking inside of ourselves.  Resolutions tend to be very singular in that they have an action and a change associated to them that most times affects us and us alone.  When we begin to see a common theme throughout the year, we also begin to see it in others.  By choosing Generosity for my year ahead, I am choosing to see the generosity in others.  To even anticipate it from others.  Not towards myself necessarily, but as a spirit of how all of us are living, together, in humanity.  Not only will I reconnect with my spirit of Generosity this year, but I will also be fully open and attentive to the signs of generosity all around me.
  4. As a part of the Mentor Masterclass Holiday Challenge, I made a list this week of things I am ready to let go of.  Some of my items to let go of were simple, like letting go of the office clothes I’ve been hanging on to for 4 years now.  But a biggie on my list was to let go of my identification with LACK.  The moment that I got a hit on the word Generosity, I remembered what I was ready to let go of.  How can I identify with lack, with not having enough, if I embody generosity every day, and see it all around me, every day?

That sealed it.  Generosity is my word.

Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens.  It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before your eyes, but it is not magic.  It is the power of the Laws of the Universe and your deliberate alignment with those Laws.

~ Esther and Jerry Hicks, “Money, and the Law of Attraction”

I have guided groups through an intention setting process in the past.

This year, I would like to offer you the opportunity to get clear on an intention and theme for yourself in a free one-on-one conversation.  Call it my first big act of Generosity for 2016!!!

If you’d like to see what comes up for you, and how you can bring intention into every action you take this year, sign up for a free session with me.  I am so stoked about this work, and I am feeling so grateful every day for the clarity and ease that setting an annual intention has done for me.  I’m so excited to see how my word will help me in my evolution this year, and I am jazzed about helping you find yours!

It would be my HONOUR to support you through a self exploration towards your own word.  To book your appointment, click here.

Please share in the comments below:

Did you set any Resolutions or Intentions this year?

Have you set them in the past?  How did it go?

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  1. I LOVE this post, Christine!! And your exploration and choicefulness for GENEROSITY is profound and inspiring. As someone who also believes in setting intentions over resolutions this certainly rings true to me. Last year I set intentions in addition to a theme word and it was INCREDIBLE how the year unfolded to support me in each and every one of those areas. I ended 2015 feeling invigorated and supported and couldn’t wait to dive into yet another year of surprises and new ways of BEING in the world. This year, my theme word is BRILLIANCE. What I love most about it is that its first meaning is an intense brightness of LIGHT and this resonates so much with me as I desire to feel more in my love and my power and my embodiment of goodness within me and all around me. I love how you see your theme word not only as something you will embody throughout the year but how you will look for it and see it in others. I think this is so true. So I will not only be looking for how and where I embody my own BRILLIANCE but also how others do the same. Such a powerful way to start off the new year! <3

  2. Christine,
    Thank you for a piece filled with your authentic generous spirit. The word ‘Harmony’ chose me this year. I had it suggested to me by a coaching colleague, and there it was on the ‘colouring book’ my husband gave me for Christmas! I visualized how harmony might show up more in my life and it seemed to affect so many areas of my life. My health, my relationships, my finances, my coaching business, and my soul. It seemed too easy…..and then I remembered that my word for last year was ‘effortlessness’! And, so it is.

    One fascinating aspect of choosing a ‘theme’ word is unexpected for me. It seems I am being given so many opportunities to practice harmony in my life. Conflicts are showing up, disappointments and challenges are present……and I am wondering, where is the harmony in all of this? In my desire for harmony, I am inspired to clear up conflicts and deal with the challenges in a way that yields harmony for me and my loved ones. So amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Marjorie! I love the word Harmony. It really can be a part of everything.

      I too am already seeing all the opportunities I have to live my word Generosity. So far it has been fun, light and encouraging. I’m sure there will also be moments where my generosity will be challenged! A theme word isn’t only about cultivating the good of that word for ourselves, but also how to navigate the places where the theme may be in lack, or simply harder to see. I hope that you are able to see those lines of harmony tying everything together!

  3. Super bravo Christine.

    You have it all nailed and you are JOY, HAPPINESS, AND WISE, you are perfect soul for shining your light and help me
    to participate in yoga classes and your encouragements to each and everyone make this discipline a fantastic new start . Thanks to you I am nearly an
    addict and will Empower myself and body to a new life filled with Intentions of LOVE, PEACE and harmony along with eternal abundance
    A truly GOD sent light.
    With my utmost and deepest thanks may all Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, unlimited Possibilities, flowing Abundance and Receptivity be yours always

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