Chakra Needs 21-Day Tune-In


When asked “tell me about yourself?”, what is your go to answer? Do you start with telling folks what you do for work (I’m a barrista), what your relationship is to others (I’m a mother of two), or where you’re from (I grew up in Brazil)? And is this really the most defining quality you have?

The Chakra Needs are a lens through which we can step back and look into ourselves.  With this lens we begin to understand the essence of who we are, how we tick, and how we can change what doesn’t serve us.

The Chakras house our Human Needs.  Over 21-days we will take some time each day to tune-in.  We will learn about the Chakras and the symbolism behind them that can connect us to a deeper understanding.  With the exercises of these three weeks, you will begin to see what is working for you, what isn’t, and how to connect and heal any energy leaks in your life.  By the end of our journey together, I hope that you will feel that you have grown to know yourself better than ever, and will be able to identify any spaces where you are ready to begin meeting your needs more completely.


  • The Chakra Needs 21-Day Tune-In e-book
  • Access to a private Facebook Group
  • Daily live videos in presenting the daily Tune-In exercise
  • 7-Chakra Needs Yoga Videos
  • A supportive community of other soul searchers

Daily exercises include but are not limited to:

  • Yoga postures
  • Meditations
  • Soul searching journaling questions
  • Fun exercises to incorporate into your daily routines and rituals

We begin on February 11th 2019!!!  Let’s Tune-In!