Life Coaching – Single Session


Coaching.  1 session.  Often all we need.  In 60 minutes I have helped my clients see the Truth that they have been avoiding, and reminded them of the tools they have within themselves to create the change they wish to see in their lives.

A coach is a mirror.  One who reflects back to you the image you are projecting on to your life, in your relationships, and to the Universe.  As your coach, I reflect to you what you need to see.  I get you grounded back into your center.  I offer you tools, techniques and strategies.

Together we design the action steps that YOU need to take to get you to where YOU need to be, in YOUR own way.

I always give my clients homework.  I always follow up and make sure you’re still on the path that you set out for yourself.

In one session, everything can change.

One 60 minute coaching session. Expires 30 days after purchase.