So why “A Paleo Yogi”?

If there is anything I have learned it’s that we need to follow our hearts. And for me

I am most passionate about the food I eat, and about the yoga I live.

What’s cool about both is that they are so much more than what meets the eye!

Take yoga for example. So many of us have come to yoga by hitting up yoga classes at a local studio or gym, or in my case I mostly started out in books and home DVDs. We start out with the physical practice. The word “asana” means posture. Hence why all the postures end in “asana”. Like “Tadasana”, “Uttanasana”, “Virabhadrasana”.

But yoga actually has 8 limbs:

  1. yama: Universal morality – how we relate to others
  2. niyama: Personal demeanor – how we relate to ourselves
  3. āsana: Physical postures – how we relate to our body
  4. prāṇāyāma: Breath and prana – how we relate to our breath and life force
  5. pratyāhāra: Control of the senses – how we relate to our senses
  6. dhāraṇā: Concentration – how we relate to our mind
  7. dhyāna: Meditation – how we contemplate the mind and practice devotion
  8. samādhi: Union with the Devine – in short “Enlightenment”

Those first two, the yamas and niyamas, get broken down into smaller chunks:


  • ahimsa: Compassion for all living things
  • satya: Commitment to Truthfulness
  • asteya: Non-stealing
  • brahmacharya: Sense control
  • aparigraha: Neutralizing the desire to acquire and hoard wealth


  • sauca: Purity
  • santosa: Contentment
  • tapas: Disciplined use of our energy
  • svadhyaya: Self study
  • isvarapranidhana: Celebration of the Spiritual

Wow. I just lost you didn’t I? Ok sorry for the Geek Out, but as you can see,

yoga is SO MUCH MORE than your sweaty class in the friendly studio.

Or green juice. Or lululemon pants.

I’ll be diving deeper in later posts on some of the stuff above for those of you that love a Geek Out, but for now I just wanted to show you why I have so much more to love about yoga than a rocking handstand. Or adho mukha vrksasana to be precise.

I love that the study and practice of yoga and all of its limbs and geeky stuff give us guidelines on how to be happier, more peaceful and grounded people. It’s a way of life, not just an exercise regime.

Now how does this even compare to a paleo diet?

Well first of all

it’s not a paleo “diet”. It’s a paleo LIFESTYLE.

Let me recap some basics of paleo in case it’s still a bit foreign to you. Paleo refers to eating in a way that our bodies are most adapted to through evolution. If you think about how being a hunter gatherer is something we’ve done (and many civilizations STILL do) for millions of years, and how agriculture as we know it has only been around for about 1,000 years, and further to that our processed food industry for only just around 100 years it starts to seem obvious that our DNA may not have really been able to keep up.

So the food part of paleo in the simplest of terms, is to eat in a way that is closer to what our bodies are best suited to be eating. This includes eggs, meat, fish and seafood, vegetables and fruit, and nuts and seeds. You may have noticed that I did not say grains (gluten free or otherwise), dairy, legumes (your beans, lentils and soy) or sugar.

Now I’m not here to become the next paleo authority so if you want to dive deeper into what paleo lifers do and do not eat, and why, I’ll share some links below for some good reads.

Ok so paleo is about food. To be clear it’s NOT about replicating a caveman. Although like anything you’ll always find people that are serious purists and they may try to live like cavemen. I’ll admit though, I’d like to keep my running water, electricity and my car. Maybe even my iPhone – but that’s debatable 😉

But here’s the REALLY fascinating part! ***WARNING! GEEK OUT AHEAD!***

As Melissa and Dallas Hartwig have defined in the Whole9,

there are actually 9 factors to living a healthy life:

  1. Eat good food
  2. Sleep deeply
  3. Move your body
  4. Handle your stress
  5. Connect with others
  6. Get outside
  7. Be the best you
  8. Have some fun
  9. Own your choices

Mind BLOWN! So paleo is NOT just about the food! Just as yoga is NOT just about sun salutations!

And now we’ve come to A Paleo Yogi. I decided I needed to showcase how I have been working to incorporate all of these ideas into a healthy, happy life that I’m living – and how you can too.

It seems like a lot though right?

The yoga geek out might even be something you don’t feel like touching with really long pole. And the 9 factors for healthy living? Well,

you’re just trying to get through your days without road rage or cake.

To suddenly take on a new lifestyle, with all of these ideas in mind, all at once – you’re going to give up. It’s going to overwhelm you.

This is why I have a plan.

A plan to help you decide what pieces to this puzzle you need to change that will make the HUGEST impact on your life. I also have a plan on how you can roll out those changes for yourself in a way that won’t have you giving up and reverting back to the same old over and over again.

That’s why “A Paleo Yogi”.

Because it’s more than Paleo. It’s more than Yoga.

It’s about YOU and all the crazy stuff that makes you completely different from everyone else – while in some miraculous way the same.

Now let’ turn your magical little snow flake self into the BEST version of you we can muster!

A happy and healthy snowflake! A peaceful snowflake. A strong, kind and joyful snowflake.

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