The Soft Side of Power

What do you think of when you hear the word “Power”?

I see images of power suits, of top executives, of global politics….

I feel the energy of control, influence, exploitation and of privilege.

I think about how power seems to be reserved for the few, and that the many are powerless.

I am reminded of the ego.  Of egoism, self absorption and personal gain.

Now what about the word “Soft”?

I see fluffy clouds, round bellies and heavy eyelids.

I feel silk, fine sand and cuddly kittens.

I think about flowing intentions, yielding boundaries and obscurity.

I am reminded of the wall flower, the push over, the follower.

I want to feel powerful.  I want to feel like I have influence.  But the mere idea of it causes me to pause.  I worry about being pushy, demanding, full of ego, and with a power that I can not control.

I dream of a big life.  One that is very full.  Full of all the things my heart desires.  Children.  Travel.  Beautiful possessions.  And people.  People who appreciate me and my work, who seek it out, who crave my presence.

Does this make me selfish?  Self absorbed?  Does this mean I desire to feed my ego, inflate it, flaunt it, and enforce my will onto all that I see and touch?

Enter Softness.

In softness we round of the edges, polish the finish and refocus our intention.

Power comes not only in those who take advantage of others for personal gain.  Power also comes in the strength of a flower to bloom out of the darkness of the earth of which it came.  Power is in the elephant that peacefully walks its way miles across the desert.  Power in the rising of the sun, casting Light onto all of the shadows on Earth.

Power has it’s dangers.  Fire can burn.  Destruction and pain are possible.

AND power can heal the world.  Light the darkness.  Uplift the destitute.

Inside all of us is a sun (Manipura).  A powerful force of fire, Light and influence.  Power is not reserved for the few, it is a natural piece of every person.

How we use that power, is up to us.  We have a choice.

Our personal desire is what Lights the path.  Gives us direction, motivation and purpose.  Without desire we are lost in the dark.  Once the path is lit, it is our choice, our dharma, our duty to walk it.

With softness.  With careful steps.  With eyes wide open.

Walk the path, shine the Light.  And take others with you.

This is how we find the Soft Side of Power.  Follow desire, not by harming any one or any thing on the path, but by inviting others to walk the path with us.

Become a leader.  An influence.  A Light that attracts others out of the darkness.

I want a big life.  But I don’t want it alone.  I don’t want success and abundance at the expense of even one other individual.  I want it WITH the success and abundance for all others too.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

‘May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.”


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